Simple CMS is a very simple and easy to use content management system.  Our focus is to make the process easy for a user to add content to the site, but complex and flexible for a designer or developer.  Simple CMS allows for custom themes, custom menu objects, and special preference settings for users. Please feel to browse around our website to get a feel of what the CMS can do for your site. Or simple click the "Try Simple CMS".  Simple CMS is licensed under our own GPL v3 License, and is free software.


If you'd like to contract us to specially configure Simple CMS for you, please feel free to do so, the rate is $35 per hour and could cost anywhere between $200-$1000 depending on your needs.  We offer customizing it with a special unique theme, adding unique coded files, and server configuration.  Please be aware that any code altered to the core software, will be subject to use in the free version offered. Any code or design work used to extend, however, will remain closed source.

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